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Lionel Plak – The Man Who Took the Subway

Lionel Plak (NL, 1980) is fascinated by travel: he draws metro lines, tram and bus connections, flight routes and logos of airline companies. For Plak the network of lines, stops and routes is a dynamic system. He regularly looks on the internet to see if there are ‘updates’, incorporating these into existing drawings.

Plak’s drawings have been exhibited at the Outsider Art Museum (located in the Hermitage) in Amsterdam, at the Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai, and at the Outsider Art Fair in Paris.

This exhibition was initiated by Borst & Van Gelderen, a joint venture between author Hugo Borst and publisher Oscar van Gelderen. Together they buy art and curate exhibitions several times a year. More about this collaboration can be read here.

IDEAL-TYPES (27 January – 7 April 2018)

#1: IDEAL-TYPES (curated by Alfredo Cramerotti)

From 27 January until 7 April 2018 HE.RO presented a major exhibition of the work of 16 international artists to mark the launch of the new gallery space.

The inaugural exhibition took its name from a term developed by the sociologist Max Weber. For him, “ideal-types” are models that share characteristic with actual real-life objects but do not derive from or correspond to any specific example; that is, they hold no relation to an external reality to represent.

Embracing uncertainty rather than defined knowledge, the exhibition opened up to the possibility of reading things differently, without claiming representation.

A number of works had been specially commissioned for the show. The exhibition was curated by Alfredo Cramerotti (director of MOSTYN, Wales and head curator of the APT Global Artist Pension Trust).

1. Valerio Adami
2. Athanasios Argianas
3. Adriana Arroyo
4. Ewa Axelrad
5. Chloë Cheuk
6. Fabrizio Cotognini
7. Shezad Dawood
8. Sarah Entwistle
9. Laurence Kavanagh
10. Alice Pedroletti
11. Peter Schuyff
12. Peter Sköld
13. Peter Tillessen
14. Alesch Vital
15. Gernot Wieland
16. Bedwyr Williams